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Selling Insurance Made Easy





It is common knowledge that of all the things that are handled by salesmen, insurance is one of the toughest. A fiercely-competitive sector that has the presence of a multitude of regional and national names, selling coverage has been more or less a shotgun approach by salesmen knocking door to door in the hope of finding a customer.


The Smart Way of Selling Insurance


When selling policies, it must be appreciated that different customers have different requirements. Creating an email mailing list of  agents and brokers is generally the first step taken by insurance companies to this end. Tailoring marketing communication and sales activities to a specific group yields better results as the attention is focused on a narrow target market.


The Advantage of Using Mailing Lists


A proper analysis of mailing lists using various criteria such as age, profession, ailments, asset ownership, ethnicity, etc. can reveal vital profile information that can be used to direct communication about specific policies that carry the maximum relevance to such identified customers. This process of segmentation of potential customers is a vital strategy in the hands of  companies who desire to create an email mailing list of insurance services, agents and brokers that is most competent to address the communication and sales process targeted to these specific audiences.


The Importance of a Relevant List 

In a fiercely-competitive world,  companies can no longer rest easy by unleashing an army of agents on to unsuspecting customers. Using finely refined address database and directory of insurance services, agents and brokers, they can now identify and select the best agents that are most competent to undertake the marketing and sales activity in the targeted group and geographical location. This sort of concerted activity also help brokers to step up mass media communication and brand-building activities in the identified area of action.


Focus On the Most Active Segments


Contemporary customer research has revealed that the most under-insured segments are life insurance, home-owners insurance, and auto insurance. Depending upon the analysis of customer databases, insurance companies can now choose to take concerted action on these identified segments by making use of a finely-tuned address database and directory of insurance services, agents and brokers that would enable them to properly address potential customers with the most appropriate covers. Simultaneous employment of many of these strategies will enable insurance companies increase the productivity of their sales personnel.

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